Sunday, April 10, 2016

Fans from Mexico!

We have fans from Mexico!

This time from Tampico, they are Didakti Ingenia, a robotics program for elementary students. They are presenting the small helicopter design with a custom joystick for speed control
Tenemos fasn desde México!

Esta vez desde Tampico, ellos son  Didakti Ingenia, un programa de robótica para estduiantes de escuela elemental. Ellos están presentando el diseño del helicópero pequeño con una palanca de mando para el control de velocidad.
Check Didakti's video, say hi and
Revisar el video de Didakti, saludar y


  1. Thanks for the amazing information! Are there any books, or downloads of the designs found on this site?

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  3. Hi there, if you check the top menu (Designs) you will find instructions (photos or videos) for most designs. No downloads other than the instructions from Peru and Spain on the Resources menu at this time.