Saturday, December 29, 2012

WeDo Included Designs

This is a summary of the designs included with the LEGO WeDo kit. You can watch videos and follow the step-by-step construction pictures (click on the link for the albums).
Este es un resumen de los diseños incluidos con el kit de LEGO WeDo. Pueden ver los videos y seguir las fotogtrafías de las instrucciones paso a paso (hacer click sobre el enlace para ver los álbumes)


  1. I LOVE your are great and videos are just enough to show what each bot does. I'm having trouble with the step-by-step construction links, though. They come up blank. Have you designed them yet?

  2. FlanaganandAgain, thanks for commenting.

    It might be that there are some links broken since I did some cleaning a few weeks ago.

    I just checked this post (to be sure) and I did no find problems, but some links could take some time to load since there are 50+ pictures for most albums. Some of pics point to the albums, but not always (opening just one picture).

    Anyway, let me know if things could still be broken around.

  3. Thank you for these instructions.They are more useful than Lego WeDo guide!