Saturday, March 30, 2013


Welcome to wedobots!

The blog regular users may have noticed that the blog has been updated. Since we do robots here, we do bots or wedobots seems to fit really well.

The website address has been shortened to, which seems easier to remember than
It is really incredible what a few days off can accomplish with the help of Inkscape and a lot of Google! We hope to have more surprises later on.

We even have our own mascot, say hi to ChiBot
Bienvenidos a wedobots!

Los usuarios regulares se habrán podido dar cuenta que el blog ha sido actualizado. Ya que hacemos robots (we do robots, en inglés), we do bots o wedobots se ajusta bastante bien.

La dirección web es más corta ahora y más fácil de recordar que
Es increíble lo que unos días libres pueden permitir con la ayuda de Inkscape y mucha búsqueda en Google! Esperamos tener muchas sorpresas más adelante.

Incluso, tenemos nuestra propia mascota, saluden a ChiBot


  1. Do you sell any books, or have a central place I can download step by step instructions? Thanks for all your help!

    1. Hi SteviaSmart. We don't have books ready yet, but we are planning in releasing them in the near future. In the meantime, the instructions are posted only online. There is no material for downloading at this time, but keep tuned. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. I think that the best advantage that the WeDo robots has over the other "building" set is the programming software. However, most of the projects either do not include the program, or have very simple programs. I think that we should emphaisze more on the programs.

    1. Hi Viv, you are correct. Most of the programming is quite simple. The idea behind the models is to help busy teachers with construction designs. The programming is half the story, and we don't want to take out the fun while working with the WeDo set. We will try to include better programming later on. We are also trying to include Scratch programming for those who don't have access to the WeDo software.

  3. Robotics looks awesome! I am very exciting to see more and more how areas of science are interconnected, and hope to embrace more of that in students education.
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  4. I am looking for someone to translate my book into spanish. Any Ideas? Animate-Build-Code with LEGO and Scratch (a guide for busy teachers) find it on Thanks