Sunday, February 1, 2015

How to Fix the WeDo Motor!

This time we have a fix for your WeDo motor!

I bet some of you have faced this problem after using the WeDo motor too often. The wires in the cable get broken by the connector on the motor side after a lot of use and abuse. If this is your problem, then we found your solution. We have found a fantastic step-by-step video for the WeDo motor, also known as the LEGO M-Motor.

First, thanks to Vadim Smilansky in Israel for providing this detailed video tutorial about fixing the broken cable.

If you like the video or if it helps to solve your motor problem, please stop by and say thanks to Vadim because without him we would have to buy a new motor!
Esta vez tenemos un arreglo para el motor del WeDo!

Apostamos que algunos se han enfrentrado a este problema luego de un tiempo al usar el motor del WeDo. Los alambres del cable cerca a la conexión del motor se revientan después de mucho uso y abuso. Si ese es tú problema, te tenemos la solución. Hemos encontrado un video explicando paso a paso todo lo del motor del WeDo, también conocido como motor M de LEGO.

Primero, tenemos que agradecer a Vadim Smilansky en Israel por proveer un video tutorial tan detallado sobre como reparar el cable roto.

Si te gusta el video o si te ayuda a resolver tus problemas con el motor, pasar y saludar a Vadim porque sin su ayuda tendríamos que comprar uno nuevo!


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    1. Thanks to Vadim Smilansky in Israel who did take the time to explain how to do it!

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    1. You can check Vadim's YouTube page for updated motor information!

  3. And you csn just ask me any qurstions about lego motors

  4. And you csn just ask me any qurstions about lego motors

    1. Hi Vadim, sorry for my late replay and thank you for the videos! I just used your instructions last week to repair a motor I though was dead!

      Thank you for the complete explanation about the motors (from how it works, to how repair it, to how reinforce it) you have save many people (including me) to purchase new motors!

  5. Good tutorial,
    But how to fix the wedo 2.0 motor? If the cable in connector side is broken